The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (2024)

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (1)

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There's a good reason three-row SUV models are so popular with families: They offer tons of space for cargo and humans. But if you're considering purchasing a vehicle with a third row, you'll want to ensure it's comfortable, practical and designed to meet your family's wants and needs. After all, it's a place where you'll likely be spending a lot of time.

Because there are so many family-friendly vehicles to choose from — and since a new car purchase is one of the most important financial decisions you'll make for your family — our experts have carefully evaluated all of the options to ensure you're spending your money on a reliable three-row SUV that offers great value. In fact, the engineers, expert analysts and real-life parents at the Good Housekeeping Institute regularly research and test drive the newest and most popular vehicles on the market to make our recommendations. We also vet our picks with the editors at Car and Driver (a fellow Hearst-owned title) to ensure we're rounding up the best SUVs that deliver on performance, convenience, comfort and safety.

Our top picks:

The 3-row vehicles on this list are the ones that impressed our car pros the most, each with their own discernible features and attributes. Keep reading to learn more about each pick and about our rigorous testing process, designed to find the best car for your family.


2022 Telluride

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (13)

A newcomer to the market only a few short years ago, the Kia Telluride has quickly become one of the most in-demand and award-winning SUVs in the U.S. Its popularity among families is not likely to diminish thanks to its relative affordability and spacious interior, even for third-row passengers, whether they're adult-size kids or actual adults.

For the price tag, the interior is notably upscale and comfy, while the center stack features easy-to-reach buttons that operate much of the climate control system and major touchscreen functions. Our Lab pros especially appreciate that the long list of standard features includes load of driver safety tech and an impressive warranty.

GOOD TO KNOW: Kia will be giving the Telluride a facelift for its 2023 model, including some new styling updates and trims, plus additional tech and driving enhancements. Inside, a digital instrument cluster merges with a larger infotainment screen (12.3") and heads-up display.

Miles Per Gallon20/26/23 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating7-8 people
Second Row Seating60/40-split folding bench or captain's chairs
Third Row SeatingFolding bench

The 2022 Mazda CX-9 midsize crossover carries a reasonable price tag, given that its interior materials are more akin to what you'd find in a true luxury three-row SUV. In test drives, our experts were impressed by its fun and sporty drive quality, as well as its sleek and sculptured exterior that proves SUVs don't have to be chunky or boxy.

Inside the cabin, you'll find an easy-to-read 10.3" display, Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration and Bluetooth streaming. We found the first- and second-row seats to be comfy, but the snug third row is more suitable for kids than adults. If you typically travel with a lot of cargo in addition to humans, you might find yourself wishing for more space when all seven seats are in use. Higher-price trims include a second-row captain’s seating configuration, which definitely makes for more “ahh, so comfortable!” travel, but reduces maximum headcount to six.

GOOD TO KNOW: Mazda is expected to launch a slightly larger CX-90 model for 2023, which should bring a more advanced suspension and a platform layout optimized for additional interior space.

Miles Per Gallon22/28 (city/highway) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating6-7 people
Second Row Seating60/40-split folding bench or captain's chairs
Third Row Seating50/50-split folding bench

A perennial favorite among the car experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute, the Palisade is well-priced, well-outfitted, comfortable and good-looking. We love that the control layout is intuitive, the standard equipment is generous and the pricing is value-oriented. In fact, its warranty is one of the best we've seen: a limited warranty of five years or 60,000 miles, and a powertrain warrantee that covers 10 years or 100,000 miles. Depending on trim, a new Hyundai Palisade will seat seven or eight family members, Little Leaguers or carpooling kids.

Regardless, our testers say that passengers will not feel crowded — an important feature that anyone who has ever bashed a shin clambering into the third row of an SUV will appreciate. Power folding second- and third-row seat are optional or standard, depending on trim. Fold down the third row for 46 cubic feet of cargo space; fold down both rows for 86 cubic feet. But if you have all seats upright, just make sure everyone packs light, because the available cargo space is reduced to a modest 18 cubic feet. With up to seven USB ports available, you can connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Front-wheel drive is standard, but all-wheel drive is available on the more expensive trim levels.

GOOD TO KNOW: Next year’s 2023 Hyundai Palisade model is receiving a style makeover, with Car and Driver teasing that "if you’re in the market for a comfortable family crossover SUV that leans toward luxury, the 2023 Palisade should be on your short list."

Miles Per GallonFWD: 19/26/22; AWD: 19/24/21 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating7-8 people
Second Row Seating60/40-split folding bench (captain's chairs available)
Third Row SeatingManual folding bench (power-folding available)

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The 2023 luxury midsize Lincoln Aviator has a sleek exterior and a palatial interior, holding its own among luxury SUV competitors. It also offers a soothing, stress-free drive: The only pings and beeps Aviator drivers will hear will come from their own phones, since the car's alerts have been replaced by chimes courtesy of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

But the Aviator also has charms in addition to chimes: The well-designed dash houses a large 12.3" digital driver information display and 10.1" infotainment system, both standard throughout the lineup. The impressive infotainment setup includes Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration, satellite radio, Wi-Fi, USB-A and USB-C ports in the front and rear plus a 10-speaker audio setup. In fact, the Revel audio system is among the best we've found in any vehicle. The Aviator also offers some impressive smart features — for example, the car will recognize the presence of your smartphone, unlocking doors automatically when it's within range. (There's also a keypad on the driver’s door if the phone’s battery is weak.)

Our testers report that the cabin is well-appointed, roomy and comfortable, but that the snug third row should be reserved for kids only. Cargo space — 18.3 cubic feet with all seats in use — expands to 77.7 cubic feet with the two back rows folded down. The quality wood and leather finishes are exactly what you'd expect to find in a luxury SUV, but even the faux leather in the entry-level model impressed us.

Rear-wheel drive is standard, but all-wheel drive is available. The Grand Touring and Black Label Grand Touring models are plug-in hybrids. The new all-wheel-drive Black Label Special Edition Luxe package features a jet cosmetics package offered with Reserve and Black Label trim. Just take note though: The high trims come with a high price tag.

RELATED: The 2022 Lincoln Navigator Is a Great Choice for Families

Miles Per Gallon 18/26/21 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating6-7 people
Second Row Seating35/30/35-split powered folding bench or captain's chairs
Third Row Seating50/50-split powered folding bench


2022 Explorer

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (17)

The Ford Explorer may be the midsize crossover that ignited America's love affair with SUVs 30+ years ago, but the latest three-row model offers a much better driving experience than any previous Explorer. "The [2022 Ford] Explorer ST is far more athletic, and its extra power and stiffer suspension make it a real performance SUV," says Car and Driver Senior Buyer's Guide Editor Drew Dorian.

But if twisty mountain roads are a regular part of the terrain you drive, consider holding out for the 2023 Ford Explorer. Expected to remain one of the most popular three-row SUVs in its class, updates are rumored to include better interior materials, a bigger 12" center touchscreen and additional updated technology. The newest Explorer might also sport certain features as standard that were previously optional, except on higher trims. If you're budget-conscious, those changes could be worth the wait, since once you start adding on optional features, Explorer prices can easily soar into luxury levels. Ford’s intuitive SYNC 4 infotainment system is already one of the better systems available in a midsize SUV, though we wouldn't be surprised if the 2023 Explorer adds more standard touches like wireless charging or wireless smartphone connectivity.

But back to the 2022 model: The solid turbocharged four-cylinder V6 base outpaces competitors, so if you're looking for a powerful engine you won't be disappointed. As for comfort factor, our testers found it depends on where you're sitting. Front-row seats are comfortable, but the massage option is one you may want to opt out of, since the seat can feel lumpy when the massage function isn't in use. And unless they're children, passengers headed for the middle and third rows will feel the squeeze. Nevertheless, parents will be happy to know that car-seat installation in the second row is easy to navigate (no cursing necessary!). But buyers might be less happy with subpar interior materials that often do not match up to the price.

Miles Per Gallon20/28 (city/highway) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating7-8 people
Second Row Seating30/35/30-split folding bench (captain's chairs available)
Third Row SeatingBench


2023 Carnival MPV

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (18)

Some would say the 2023 Kia Carnival is a minivan masquerading as an SUV. Kia calls it a "multi-purpose vehicle," but the telltale signs are there: large sliding rear side doors with exposed tracks, an extremely spacious cabin and a V6 engine propelling the front wheels. That said, this is definitely not your mother's minivan — in fact, we'd go so far as to call it chic!

The Kia Carnival sets itself apart with distinctive styling, comfort, technology and value that exceeds many of its competitors. You don’t have to be a world-class gymnast to easily board and exit the back rows, and drivers of all heights and shapes will appreciate just how adjustable the driver's seat is — testers under five feet and those who played high school basketball stand as witnesses.

While reclining second row seats are offered, we think the way to go is with a bench seat, which has three distinct sections, each of which can be separately adjusted for comfort. The Carnival’s optional dual 12.3" screens (one a digital gauge display, the other for entertainment) have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, and on higher trims, a rear-entertainment system is standard. When it comes to storage, the Carnival goes large: Behind the third-row seats awaits 40.2 cubic feet of space, enough to carry 14 carry-on suitcases (!). With all seats folded, think 48 carry-on bags.

Overall, there are no major changes expected with the 2023 launch. Just take note: Some test drivers think the Carnival drives too much like a minivan, and that some controls require too much attention.

Miles Per Gallon19/26/22 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Passengers7-8 people
Second Row SeatingSliding/removable captain's chairs
Third Row Seating60/40-split folding bench

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2022 Grand Cherokee L

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (19)

Adventurous families love the midsize Jeep Grand Cherokee L for escapades up mountains, at far-off beaches or just to the local supermarket. The 2022 model’s various trims are packed with the same robust technology features and proven off-road capabilities of past models, as well as a host of standard driver-assistance features and multiple optional infotainment perks. We especially love that second-row passengers can enjoy a dual-screen infotainment system with Amazon FireTV on higher trims. Depending on how you feel about kids' screen time, it's a feature that can help cut down on refrains of "Are we there yet?" echoing around the cabin.

An optional 10.3" touchscreen embedded into the dashboard directly in front of the passenger seat provides in-dash navigation with real-time traffic and weather updates as options. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and SiriusXM satellite radio are standard. We found that cabins are well-tailored and comfortable, even in the most basic trim, while high-end models are nothing short of luxurious — just be prepared for a luxury price tag to match.

The spacious Jeep Cherokee L seats six, or seven if you opt for bench seating in the second row. There is also ample space for all your stuff – camping gear, skis, folding chairs or the dozens of Girl Scout cookies you have to deliver. In fact, it has one of the largest cargo capacities in the midsize SUV segment. With seven aboard, you’ll still have 17.2 cubic feet of space behind the third row, 46.9 cubic feet with those seats folded and 84.6 cubic feet with all rear seats folded. Three all-wheel-drive systems, as well as an optional air suspension which can be adjusted to provide extra ground clearance, are available. So, too, are a Black appearance package and a High Altitude package. What you might not love? The gas mileage, clocking in at 22 mpg combined per EPA Fuel Economy.

Miles Per Gallon19/26/22 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating6 people
Second Row SeatingCaptain's chairs
Third Row Seating50/50-split fold bench


2023 Highlander

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (20)

If you're looking for a stable, comfortable and reliable midsize SUV, check out the 2023 Toyota Highlander lineup, which includes a number of standard and optional upgrades that will appeal to both Toyota devotees and families exploring SUVs for the first time. A new 12.3" infotainment display and a 12.3" digital gauge cluster now come standard on the top two trims (most trims come with an 8" infotainment system). Those high-end models also gain power-folding exterior mirrors, while the midrange Highlanders will include a hands-free, power-operated rear liftgate.

According to Car and Driver's Drew Dorian, the midrange XLE is the model to get because of the niceties that come standard and the available options worth splurging on. While front-wheel drive is standard on the Highlander, all-wheel drive is available or, if you're buying a hybrid, the choice is yours. Toyota was an early player in the hybrid engine game, so the brand has years of experience developing a fuel efficiency that competitors have not yet caught up to — and the best part is that you won’t give up much in terms of performance if you opt for a hybrid model.

Our test driver found the handling stable, making it a good candidate for family-chauffeur duty. With bench seats in both the second and third rows, the 2023 Highlander seats eight; Captain’s chairs in the second row reduces the capacity to seven. Regardless, most will likely find the third-row space tight. The Highlander also offers less cargo space compared to its three-row SUV competitors. Toyota provides Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon Alexa integration for all models.

Miles Per Gallon35/35/35 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating7-8 people
Second Row SeatingFolding bench or captain's chairs
Third Row Seating60/40-split folding bench

The Chrysler Pacifica minivan is available as a gas-fueled ride or a plug-in hybrid. Either way, you’ll enjoy first-rate visibility, versatile storage options and driver-friendly controls. Up to eight people can count on a no-squeeze ride, whether it’s to the local ballpark or a lengthy road trip.

We found that actual grown-ups can easily access the third row, and once they're back there, they’ll be pleased with the amount of stretch they’ll have for their legs — a claim many three-row SUVs can’t make. Loading and unloading the cargo area is also a breeze, thanks to a lower floor that makes the process less of strain on your back.

Even the base model Pacifica is loaded with impressive standard features, including an intuitive 10.1" touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Front-wheel drive is standard, but all-wheel drive can be added — a bonus if you live in a snowy area and don’t relish the thought of potentially getting stranded with hungry, tired kids (or just your hungry, tired self). If it's luxury you seek – yes, minivans can be luxurious! – you can add quilted leather upholstery, a rear entertainment system, heated and ventilated front seats, a panoramic sunroof, an onboard vacuum cleaner and live TV streaming via Amazon Fire. In 2022, Chrysler also introduced an enhanced air filtration system as standard.

Miles Per Gallon19/28/22 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating7 people
Second Row SeatingCaptain's chairs
Third Row Seating60/40-split folding bench

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Car and Driver ranked the 2022 Genesis GV80 first among its foreign high-end crossover competitors, awarding it the brand's prestigious Editors’ Choice award. Aggressive drivers may be more beguiled by others in its class, but according to our testers, the GV80 delivers a composed, comfortable ride. But its most sexy feature might be what you get for what you spend: the GV80's long list of standard features would quickly tally up to thousands more dollars from most competitors. On top of that, Genesis has one most generous warranties on the market.

Available with rear- or all-wheel drive, the GV80 has a clean, elegant interior with integrated ambient lighting and a slim 14.5" infotainment display. The screen itself is not exactly at fingertip's length for the driver, but a click-wheel controller mounted on the center console works well. (The screen placement allows the front-seat passenger better access the radio and navigation system, which some might consider a good thing.)

A full suite of driver-assistance features comes standard, including a semi-autonomous driving mode that learns your driving style and mimics it. If you have a long commute or a bad back, go for the available front-seat massage function. Less enticing: The optional third row dramatically decreases cargo space, and you probably won’t have many adult passengers volunteering to sit in the snug space. Leave it to the kids!

Miles Per Gallon18/23/20 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating7-8 people
Second Row SeatingBench seat or captain's chairs
Third Row SeatingBench

The Suburban is a workhorse, but its large size doesn't mean its noisy or clunky to drive. Rather, we found it to be remarkably nimble, regardless of which of the three engine options is under the hood. Plus, the move to an independent rear-wheel suspension frees up cabin space, particularly in the third row. The Suburban's cargo hold offers about 41 cubic feet with the rear seats occupied, an expansive 90.8 cubic feet when the third row's seats are folded and a whopping 144.7 cubic feet if the second and third rows are folded down.

If you're particularly concerned about the gas bills that come with the purchase of a large (and pricey) SUV, choose the optional turbodiesel. Many buy the Suburban for its Herculean strength, and it is rock solid for towing up to 8,300 pounds with a properly equipped Max Tailoring package. Chevrolet also does not skimp on infotainment and connectivity features. Along with an optional rear-seat entertainment system that includes two 12.6" screens, a standard 10" touchscreen is fitted into the center stack and supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A 12.3" digital gauge cluster comes standard starting on the LT model.

GOOD TO KNOW: The biggest potential change expected for the large-size 2023 Chevy Suburban is the addition of the manufacturer’s Super Cruise hands-free driving technology.

Miles Per Gallon15/19/16 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating7-8 people
Second Row SeatingManual 60/40-split folding bench (powered available) or captain's chairs
Third Row SeatingManual 60/40-split folding bench (powered available)


2022 Armada

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (24)

Always generous with its standard features, Nissan delivers top-notch infotainment equipment on every current Armada, including a 12.3" touchscreen and steering wheel audio controls, Bluetooth connectivity, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation and more.

Jump to the higher trim levels, and you’ll enjoy even more features, like a 13-speaker Bose audio system. Armadas typically are not very impressive with fuel economy ratings, and the V8 engines powering the 2022 models are no different. Two-wheel drive is standard on the Armada with four-wheel drive available for all trims. Space-wise, the cabin feels comfortable and roomy — unless you're assigned a third-row seat.

Behind the third row you'll find a modest 16 cubic feet of space which expands to 49.9 with the third row folded down and 95.4 cubic feet of total cargo volume with the second and third rows down. The truck chassis-based Armada is tough enough to tow 8,500 pounds, but is not as nimble as some of its competitors. However, the 2022 model is well-appointed for the price, offering a smooth and quiet ride.

Miles Per Gallon14/19/16 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Length 208.9"
Seating7-8 people
Second Row Seating60/40-split folding bench (captain's chairs optional)
Third Row Seating60/40-split folding bench

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2023 Yukon

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (25)

The large-size 2023 Yukon SUV is one of the most accommodating and luxurious passenger vehicles in the brand’s history, according to Car and Driver’s Drew Dorian. That’s quite an accolade given that General Motors’ GMC division is best known for its commercial vehicles and work trucks.

The high-end Denali Ultimate model joins the Yukon lineup in 2023, showing off fancier leather upholstery, open-pore trim and an 18-speaker Bose stereo system among other treats. Even the base-level Yukon doesn't lack for fine-tuned technology and a generous platter of standard features, though. All models come with a 10-speed automatic transmission operated by buttons on the dashboard and offer rear- or all-wheel drive.

With three roomy rows of seats, the Yukon accommodates eight passengers; seven if you opt for captain’s chairs in the second row. In test drives, the standard-length Yukon provided enough space for six carry-on cases behind its third-row seats. With the third and second rows stowed, we fit 35. The Yukon XL, which comes with a longer wheel base, opens up even more cargo space. Other than a minivan, there are few family vehicles on the road today that offer as much space for passengers and cargo as the Yukon, says Dorian (the XL offers a cavernous 145 cubic feet of cargo space with all seats stowed).

While most models are fueled by gas-hungry V8 engines, Yukon also offers a turbodiesel — a novelty in the SUV category and the right choice for people that tow heavy items. All Yukon models come with an easy-to-use 10.2" infotainment display that stands in the center of the dashboard (except for the luxe Denali, whose infotainment system is embedded into the dashboard). Some would say this adds sophistication, but other SUV manufacturers are enjoying success with dash-mounted displays. The system includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, plus a Wi-Fi hotspot as standard. If you want navigation or a Bose audio system, those are upgrade options.

Miles Per Gallon15/20/17 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Seating 7-8 people
Second Row SeatingManual 60/40 split-folding bench (powered available) or captain's chairs
Third Row SeatingManual 60/40 split-folding bench (powered available)

The high-riding architecture of the 2022 Honda Pilot offers the practicality of a minivan — ample interior storage with useful cubbies and a large cargo area — without the stigma. It also features other family-friendly attributes, like the optional PA system which is good for corralling back-seat passengers.

The 60/40-split folding third-row has narrow access, so like many three-row SUVS, it's best as a kids’ row. Depending on trim and your choice of seating, the Pilot has room for up to eight passengers; seven if you choose the optional captain’s chairs in the second row. All-wheel drive is optional, and with it, the towing capability increases from 3,500 to 5,000 pounds. Honda Sensing is included standard, so all models feature an impressive array of standard safety tech. Our pros were impressed with the fuel-efficient V6 engine option, which allows for a peppy and enjoyably smooth ride experience.

GOOD TO KNOW: Honda is expected to debut an all-new Pilot for the 2023 model year, complete with updated styling and newer features.

Miles Per Gallon20/27/23 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Length 196.5"
Seating7-8 people
Second Row SeatingPower-folding bench (captain's chair's available)
Third Row Seating 60/40-split folding bench


2022 Subaru Ascent

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (27)

If you're looking for a midsize, three-row SUV with a smooth, quiet ride, the Subaru Ascent is strong candidate. In addition to families who need the space to haul kids and their stuff around, the 2022 Ascent will also appeal to adventure seekers, thanks to its off-road bonafides.

Safety features abound; the manufacturer has a history of top safety scores including the coveted IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award. All-wheel drive comes standard on every trim, giving the Ascent traction you can count on, even when the road conditions are challenging. It also has better off-road capabilities than most of its rivals, with a 5,000-pound towing capacity.

The Ascent’s interior is spacious and puts high-quality interior materials to good use. The infotainment system does not require tech chops to learn and use, and it's thankfully been updated with an 11.6" vertical touchscreen; Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now standard. The Subaru Ascent is arguably one of the best value picks on our list, due to its relatively low-price tag and standard AWD.

Miles Per Gallon20/26/22 (city/highway/combined) as per EPA Fuel Economy
Length 196.8"
Seating 8
Second Row Seating60/40-split folding bench (captain's chairs available)
Third Row Seating60/40-split folding bench

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What to look for when shopping for the best three-row SUVs

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (28)

Car buying can be a daunting process. Our experts suggest considering these factors to help make the car-buying or leasing process easier to navigate:

✔️ Choose a vehicle type. Think about your lifestyle and needs when deciding what type of vehicle is best for you and your family. You've likely settled on SUVs if you're reading this, which are optimal if you're looking to maximize space. On the flip side, they're more challenging to park and generally have lower fuel economy ratings.

✔️ Consider your budget. Set a realistic budget so you're only looking at vehicles you can afford.

✔️ Factor in how you'll use the vehicle. Is the plan to take it on long-distance car trips? Just short commutes to and from school and sports practice? Depending upon the answers, different features and potential upgrades will become more important.

✔️ Third row space. If you've specifically decided on buying a three-row SUV, you need to think about who will be sitting there. If it's only children, you may be able to get away with a more cramped back row.

Once you've honed in on your top picks, it's time to go for a test drive.

How we chose the best 3-row SUVs

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (29)

The engineers and parenting experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute test drive dozens of new vehicles each year. Based on extensive categorical testing and insights, our team determined the best 3-row SUVs by factoring in vehicle performance (noise, acceleration, braking, handling, etc.), safety features, roominess, ergonomics, price point and more. Ultimately, we were looking for vehicles that not only drive well but are enjoyable and practical for a variety of needs and budgets.

Why trust Good Housekeeping?

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (30)

All of the cars on this list were road tested by Rachel Rothman, the GH Institute's Chief Technologist and lead engineer. In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania, Rachel has 15 years of experience in the auto industry, test driving cars and presenting at the NY Auto Show. She's also helmed Good Housekeeping's Best Family Car Awards for the past seven years, in conjunction with Car and Driver. With three children under six, she's had ample experience hauling kids and their gear around in SUVs — and her 6’1” husband knows what a roomy third row feels like.

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (31)

Rachel Rothman

Rachel Rothman was the chief technologist and executive technical director of the Good Housekeeping Institute for over 15 years, overseeing testing methodology, implementation and reporting for all GH Labs. She also managed GH's research division and the analysis of applicants for the GH Seal and all other testing emblems.

The Best 3-Row Vehicles for Every Family in 2023 (2024)
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