SSSniperWolf Myth Number 1 Debunked (2024)

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This article debunks the popular myth that SSSniperWolf:

Falsely accused a COD player of faking their gameplay, and consequently ruined their carrier, when she was doing the same.

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SSSniperWolf Myth Number 1: Falsley accusing a fellow Call Of Duty player of faking their gameplay when she was doing the same thing

This is arguably the biggest thing that SSSniperWolf has been accused of. There is a perception going around that Lia was secretly faking gameplay throughout
her entire online carrier. This perception is evidently false as there is a whole host of historical data that appears to show otherwise. One may think that a
woman in her position (being married to a competent gamer) would gladly exploit such opportunities in an effort to gain views and popularity but this is not
reflective of Lia's competitive egotistical personality. If you dig a little deeper, you will find that Lia has a history of gaming before she met her partner. There
are videos of her topping live action multiplayer games that were taken in 2011. Also, there are videos of her participating in 1v1s with competent male COD
players and beating them which came out in mid 2012 (which was long before she got together with Evan Sausage). Interestingly, some players were accusing
her of faking her gameplay around this time as well even though this was clearly not happening. In addition, there are video recordings of her playing games on
a playstation or on her laptop which were taken from behind. Furthermore, in a non-gaming related video that she made in 2017 (a video where she talks about
dating), she mentioned in passing that she would be willing to invite people she met online to her house in order to 'show them how good she is at gaming'.
Now, you may be thinking that she could have planned this, however, it is unlikely that someone would spontaneously bring this up in an unrelated
conversation and make a claim as daring as this if they knew it wasn't true. At this point, the next thing you may be wondering is, were there any gameplays she
uploaded (or simply matches she joined online) in which she wasn't actually the one playing. At this present moment in time, this speculation simply cannot be
verified. Her EX partner claims that this is true (and that apparently he was playing for her nearly all along) but Lia herself still denies it (even in a legal
setting). Her EX partner also claims that the channel name 'SSSniperWolf' was his idea. However, there appears to be historical data that does not support this
claim. For example, the twitter account '@sssniperwolf' appears to have been created in July of 2012 (there are even posts that she made in September and
December of 2012 under the name 'sssniperwolf'). In addition, it appears that she posted a playlist called 'SexySexySniperWolf' on Youtube in September of
2012. However, in the lawsuit document submitted by Evan Sausage, it is implied that the name 'SSSniperWolf' was created in January of 2013. Also, it is
rather peculiar for someone to stop logging in to a particular forum website on the same day as a new youtube channel is created. Normally, you would expect
there to be at least a small degree of overlap. Of course, these observations do not disprove the claims made in the lawsuit, however, it does bring to our
attention the idea that there is a co*cktail of truth surrounding the matter of whether her EX partner was doing the gameplays for her or not and if so, to what
extent was he playing for her. Now, even if she was getting this kind of help from time to time, a female or even a male player getting another (and potentially
more skilled) player to play for them occasionally is actually not that uncommon. Certain players sometimes do this when they fear that they will lose against a
particular opponent. This does not mean that they have no interest in gaming. Where this becomes concerning is when someone starts playing for them when
they encounter or go head to head with the majority of their rival, superior or hostile opponents.

What also needs to be clarified here is that when someone presents themselves as a gamer for a particular video game, there are arguably 4 levels at which they
can fake it followed by a 5th level which is someone being a legitimate player. This should not be confused with a 'cheater' who uses methods and tools to make
themselves look artificially more capable in a video game:

Direct Faker: Someone who totally fakes the content they produce (i.e. there is practically no content origination in what they present what so ever). For
example, they record another person playing a video game (possibly without them knowing) and then claim that is their gameplay footage (either because they
are stealing the footage or because they are just acting as a proxy for the other person to showcase their gaming skills). Another example of this could be that
someone gets a computer program to generate the gameplay footage from start to finish. Essentially, the one faking acts as merely the face of what is being
produced and has almost no involvement in the process of creating the footage.

1st Degree Faker: Someone who also gets their gameplay from someone else but also has a degree of involvement in the creation of the footage. For example,
they direct how a person should play when pretending to be them. Essentially, the one faking acts like a movie director and may occasionally get involved to
film or produce specific parts of the video.

2nd Degree Faker: Someone who plays a video game but also actively shares their account with another person so that they can mask their true in-game
strength, skill and ability. They also typically mask their play style and in-game personality by doing this. An example of such a set up could be where a person
plays in their account whenever they are playing against friends or 'neutrals' but then gives their account, or the controls, to someone else the moment they
encounter a foe. They may also do this when they want to create a high scoring gameplay. Some fakers in this category (and in the ones mentioned above) will
arrange 50:50 partnerships with the person who is playing for them.

3rd Degree Faker: Someone who plays against nearly all opponents by themselves but as a last resort, may employ a friend or a professional (who can possibly
mimic their playing style) to play in their account if they are confronted by a hostile and visibly superior opponent. They may also do this if they want to
produce a record scoring gameplay video. Sometimes, hardcore gamers will employ this type of stunt in order to appear to their opponents as flawless.

Legitimate Player: A player who is as real as they come. They may not always be strong but they are definitely real.

Now, imagine a situation in which a female player that has no prior history of gaming, suddenly appears on the Youtube platform, right after dating a competent
gamer, and then starts posting high quality and high scoring gameplay videos, and then does this for several years on end. If later on, evidence were to emerge
that implied that this person was faking their gameplay, it would be totally reasonable (and actually quite realistic) to assume that this person was in fact faking
their gameplay all along. It would also be reasonable to assume that this person had little to no interest in gaming. Although the evidence to prove this may be
lacking, one could safely assume that they were probably no better than a 1st or 2nd degree faker (as a lot of gamers will typically assume). Also, it would not
be out of the question to assume that this person was involved in a 50:50 partnership contract (as many gamers will also assume). This is because females tend
to lack the motivation to play video games competitively and consistently over long periods of time and as a result, they tend to acquire less skill. On the flip
side, as a result of their attractive appearances, they can sometimes be used by male players to attract males viewers to their channel. However, in Lia's
situation, although she may happen to be an attractive woman, this is simply not the case. In fact it is far from it. According to the main accusations, Lia was
faking gameplay after she got together with Evan Sausage which according to him was in early 2013. What many people ignore is the fact that she was an
established gamer within the community years before this and on top that, she was beating male gamers in 1v1s and people were accusing her of faking her
gameplay around this time as well. Therefore, from an investigatory standpoint, it is clear that Lia was a legitimate player prior to 2013. The majority of
evidence that has been observed so far also appears to indicate that, from 2013 and onwards, Lia was either a legitimate player or she was, at worst, a 3rd degree
faker (or somewhere in between). People liken this woman to the fictional character Ms. Perkins, however, they seem to completely ignore the fact that a real
life Ms. Perkins would not take a sport such as video gaming lightly once they got into it and most probably would take the time to 'bang out' a video game in
order to become a dominant player in it due to their heated egocentric personality. Another point worth mentioning here is that, male gamers have a tendency to
assume that a highly skilled female gamer being attractive implies that they are most probably faking their gameplay. However, in some cases, this simply isn't
true. There have been instances in which attractive females have been accused of faking gameplay (because of their skill level), where they then went as far as
to recorded their hands on the controller in order to prove that it was actually them playing.

Another point worth mentioning here is that, the fictitious narrative of Lia's EX partner doing all of the gameplays for her would even go as far as to contradict
an accusation made by one of her critics. A youtuber and fellow gamer who goes by the name Sylvibot, claimed in 2017 that, in the game Overwatch, Lia was
playing against her EX partner repeatedly in an effort to boost her account and also claimed that Lia hired a professional booster player to play for her in order to
get her account into the top 500 list of Overwatch players. Although the validity of her accusations remain questionable, the evidence that she presents in order
to back up these claims appears to inadvertently shed light on the deeper side of the story. One of the pieces of evidence she presents is a voice recording of Lia
supposedly making a deal with a booster in secret (implying that she was the one playing prior to this). She then goes on to show how there was a sudden
change in the performance statistics that took place after this conversation. However, if Evan Sausage is assumed to be the one playing all along then how does
one make sense of this sudden boost in performance. In addition, it would seem rather bizarre for someone to assume that a person was playing in someone
else's account and at the same time playing against them in their main account (remember this is not a board game). Therefore if Sylvibot's claims are true then
it is also quite evident that Lia is or was a real Overwatch player. If she is a real Overwatch player then it is more likely than not that she is also a real Call Of
Duty player as well. Ironically, it appears that Lia denies the claims made by Sylvibot, which only stirs up the co*cktail even further.

Now, at this point you are probably wondering, how does this tie in with the notion of Lia falsely accusing someone else of faking their gameplay? Well, it just
so happens that back in 2013, she made a video in which she suggested that another player was doing precisely this (faking their gameplay). This player was
known as GirlGoneGamer. At the time when Lia made this video, GirlGoneGamer had nearly 10 times as many subscribers as she did (50K to 500K). The
situation was David and Goliath on steroids (or more like Dora and Victoria). However, there was a suspicion going around that GirlGoneGamer was not really
the one playing. Numerous players (fans of both SSSniperWolf and GirlGoneGamer) had talked about their observations that GirlGoneGamer would score
dozens of kills and only get a handful of deaths and then whenever she turned the mic on, she would go neutral or in some cases, almost the reverse would
happen. Now, it must be stated that a drop in performance doesn't automatically translate to a change of player. Just slight alterations to one's gaming set up can
have drastic impacts on their performance. It is also worth mentioning that talking while gaming can sometimes interfere with one's ability to concentrate on the
game itself when someone is new to it. However, these observations alongside a number of other things that she did (such as deleting comments 'calling for a
1v1 with SSSniperWolf') made it plausible for Lia to suspect that this is what she was doing. Prior to this, people had even suspected that GirlGoneGamer was
involved in a 50:50 partnership with someone (this doesn't necessarily mean that it was true). In addition GirlGoneGamer had blocked Lia after she suggested
that they should have a 1v1. Lia then, as you could probably expect, went ahead and made a video detailing her frustrations and basically summed up what she
herself and other players had experienced with GirlGoneGamer. What is interesting here is that the video itself does not necessarily present any detailed
evidence of what Lia was alleging nor did it suggest that GirlGoneGamer should be 'kicked out' of the community, however, it appears that this video ended up
becoming the 'final nail in the coffin' of GirlGoneGamer's online gaming carrier.

Now, on the surface of this, it may seem as though GirlGoneGamer had simply succumbed to the 'exposure' and people lost interest in her channel. It may also
appear to some that she had been faking it right from the beginning and that she never really had interest or skill in gaming at all. However, the data implies
otherwise. During the time when she was posting videos of herself gaming, she also posted a video of herself moving cups around and stacking them in
accordance with the lyrics of a theme song. Although it is not immediately obvious, the way in which she did this implies that she had learned fast, precise and
complex sequences of moves that were meant to be preformed at rather specific times. A lot of the same skills that are used to preform stunts like this are also
used to play realtime action based games such as Call Of Duty. In addition to this, there are some players who have provided anecdotal evidence that she played
well with the mic on (in some matches I assume). Therefore it is unlikely that she didn't play these games at all. The question then becomes, to what extent was
she playing by herself. Interestingly, back at the time when her channel was active, after she had posted a particular high scoring video, some of the players who
had watched it said that prior to this her play style was fairly consistent but then in this new video it appeared to be different. This observation, combined with
all of the other observations that people had made about her before the time of Lia's video, implied that she was likely to have been a 2nd degree faker. At this
point I can imagine that some of you would be thinking that this was a matter of 'who has got the stronger partner behind them'. However, the evidence that
GirlGoneGamer had someone playing for her is still substantially more then that of Lia. Do not forget that, Lia's EX partner claiming he was the one playing all
along, 10 years after all of this supposedly happened (without providing evidence that we can verify) does not count as substantial evidence in this context.
Based on the data that has been analysed so far (as was described earlier in this discussion), it appears that, in the majority of cases if not all of them, Lia was in
fact the one playing. To put this into perspective, at the time when Lia made the video about GirlGoneGamer, the SSSniperWolf channel had only been active
for around 4 months. According to the evidence, this would imply that Lia had been a legitimate player for over two and a half years and then for 4 months (the
time from late January to May of 2013 which is when Evan Sausage claims to have been together with her), she could have possibly been a 3rd degree faker.
GirlGoneGamer on the other hand, had been making gameplay videos for around 4 years and according to the evidence that Lia had at that time,
GirlGoneGamer was a longstanding 2nd degree faker. As a result, it is not unreasonable for her to have called out GirlGoneGamer's actions and for her to have
highlighted things she may have been doing, based on what she knew at the time. Do not forget that, SSSniperWolf was far smaller than GirlGoneGamer at this
time and yet she was willing to, as MrBeast would put it, 'risk it all' and go head to head with her in a 1v1 (just think about what would have happened if she had
lost). By GirlGoneGamer turning down the request for a 1v1, it made it clear to everyone at the time that, unlike SSSniperWolf, GirlGoneGamer really took her
in-game reputation seriously, which could imply that there was a financial incentive behind it. Of course, this doesn't prove that GirlGoneGamer was a faker but
it does demonstrate that Lia's actions at the time could well have been justified. What is still unclear at this present time is how this drama between
SSSniperWolf and GirlGoneGamer resulted in what some people could call 'the eradication of GirlGoneGamer' from the internet. What we can say is that
SSSniperWolf was not the soul cause of this and based on what data she had at the time, she was not intentionally spreading false rumours about

If you have any comments that pertain to this particular accusation then please post them in this thread.

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SSSniperWolf Myth Number 1 Debunked (2024)
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