r/PiratedGames Mega Thread - r/PiratedGames (2024)

Here's the revised r/PiratedGames Mega Thread!

For new users, you can find a simple guide to torrenting here thanks to u/Bonfire-GTK!

Pirate Search Engine: Bonneteer

Torrent Sites:

  • Moderators' choice: RARBG - Safe torrents, best quality.

Other noteworthy mentions:

We do not recommend The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents due to how easy it is to pick up malware.

Direct Download Sites:

Other noteworthy mentions:

Oculus Quest users can download games from this thread on CS.RIN.RU forum. This post is also helpful.

For Crack Only content, NoCD fixes and trainers, go to GameCopyWorld.


Repacks are highly compressed game downloads, designed for people with slow/limited internet bandwidth. All listed below are trusted repackers with no malware.

Release Networks:

Please note, none of these sites provide downloads, only information on Scene/P2P releases.

  • Moderator's Choice: r/CrackWatch - Straight to the point for videogames.

Other noteworthy mentions:

Please note that the "crackwatch" website is not recommended since it is not official.

ROM Sites:

Torrent Software:

To torrent, use these programs:

Other noteworthy mentions:

Direct Downloading Software:

To direct download, use these programs:

Other noteworthy mentions:

Debrid service:

A debrid service will convert premium / slow file host links into faster download links, just for you.

Other noteworthy mentions:


These tools are helpful with cracking your own games.

Useful Software:

  • 7zip File Manager - Better than WinRAR.
  • BleachBit - System Cleaner, safer than CCLeaner.
  • Bitwarden - Open Source Password Management Solution.
  • QuickSFV - Verify checksums and generate hash info.
  • WinRAR - Alternative to 7zip.
  • WinCDEmu - Mount ISO files as a virtual drive on your computer.

  • Vapor Store - A store (similar to Steam!) where you can download cracked games!

Not game related, but for Microsoft Products and Adobe Products, go to the backup of r/sjain_guides.

Useful Browser Extensions:

These don't help much with online piracy, but will make your browsing much more private and safe.

  • Decentraleyes
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Privacy Badger
  • Trace
  • Ublock Origin
  • Universal Bypass


Using a privacy-focused DNS can speed up your browsing experience as well as make your network traffic more secure (NOT a VPN substitute):

More trusted DNS providers can be found here.


Tor is NOT a VPN, it will not protect you when torrenting!

Unsafe software:

  • Bittorrent - Same as Utorrent, has ads, trackers, and is unsafe.
  • Utorrent - Same as Bittorrent, has ads, trackers, and is unsafe.
  • CCleaner - Owned by Avast.
  • Avast - Notorious for collecting and selling user data.

Untrusted sites:

  • IGG Games / PC Games Torrents - they doxxed mercs213 (owner of GoodOldDownloads), package their own DRM in indie games and exploit you for ad revenue.
  • BBRepacks - Fake BlackBox Repacks, contain malware.
  • OceanOfGames - High malware risk.
  • nosTEAM
  • cracked-games.org - Malware Risk.
  • crackingpatching - Malware Risk
  • Pirate Bay - Malware Risk
  • Kickass Torrents - Malware Risk
  • Any site with a scene group name in the URL - SCENE GROUPS DON'T HAVE SITES!

Anybody caught linking a website the moderators deem unsafe will have their comments removed in order to keep people safe on the subreddit!

We will keep this thread updated, so check back every so often!

If you have any recommendations for the Mega Thread, please comment below! Unsafe sites will be removed by the moderators.

r/PiratedGames Mega Thread - r/PiratedGames (2024)
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