Levels.fyi Intel (2024)

1. Intel Salaries

  • Grade 8 - Staff Engineer

  • Intel's salary ranges from $16,793 in total compensation per year for a Recruiter at the low-end to $818,056 for a Software Engineer at the high-end.

Intel Salaries

2. Intel Careers | Levels.fyi

  • Everything you need to know about Intel including salaries, levels, benefits, and more.

Intel Careers | Levels.fyi

3. Intel - Compare career levels across companies with Levels.fyi

  • Get the latest insights on AI, hardware, and AR + VR engineer compensation. Companies like Apple, Netflix, and Roblox use Levels.fyi to get an unparalleled ...

  • ‹ ì½ w#·‘.üW:ô:­Eªý-Y“ÄL¼ã„ãøƶ6™¬oN‹lIŒ)’KR3£(ú﷞* t7%­¹ïÞsÞ̉ÅêÆG(Ô7Пÿâw÷×o~\í®/?ǃEµ¼<ÔËÁu5{ùùu½«‚éUµÙÖ»ÓÁÍîbXôÓ«Ýn=¬ÿûfþötð—á÷¿ŽW×ëj7?_ԃ`ºZîê%Uùê÷§õì²6•–Õu}:x;¯ß­W›SîÝ|¶»:ÕoçÓzÈÀá|9ßÍ«Åp;­õitx]½Ÿ_ß\Øo²ºÙ]­6Nƒoª«ºÞ¾¹¹ªné‡_z7ßyXNê·õb;º¸ÿ ¾­Õf^oƒ_V×ë“à»Õj± v«€ß¯ƒ¿®n6Á¸ÚtšÕÛéf¾ÞÍWK§ñoëj3½ â0üñ³`k¿Xm‚Ùüâ¢ÞP!*Ls·¤ç‡Á?VçãG¿§ÜI°`ôƒj9«i…¶£à÷ï׋զ€ÎÎ`yU/ÖÁíê&¸¬wÁºšÏ‚k*ó‹Öø¯êëz8]-¼)û$eyњØõzQ¯Wçsúó®>҃á´ZWþ:ßÖÛ'ÔÛ?ïO¨¼ÝU»›íð¼ÚÐÏ[¯wWó]‹Æ>ãõfµ®7»ÛÓÁêòxKMým<ˆ§WåÙÉÉkýÿªòð_W—îl€QlŽvVŽª-ñ“íÑbu¹:Ú®¦´Ë¿ÙÔà £õò²Šo×ނ×ç[gɽ¢7›Åƒ½÷V*Oٟ̩äÅ|±¨g¼‰ê™‹¸àåju ªx[-n\®v›j¹]TŒõb¾ü1ØԋÓZW›ú¢éõÝ»w£nÏÕ[Ö=ñb¾üɔöù‘4ð9o¥—¿Ñ<>|ÿݗÄãO~3¼Þ Ÿ¾c†|ìrçûßüXß^lh¤Û`{UýXß]lVׇ»Õ“èðúØ8ž½éßÁ}~zÓÿSúNÿ/ÃO÷TFáú½TRT0¡ÿgôÿbo…¦¼‡„Å÷ëß­Þ-ï¨zzõùí__DRî/ôë>í eJèmžö¼•éÁ}Ñ­óyӝ«L~¬ßýåE¨ÑxtÞ§³úҕ~Ëëj³›O1Xjþnµ®¦óÝíqˆÙ³PÄX6#a‹žìVëã!ž´òbÔÆåbõΎ⼚þx¹YÝ,g"RŽ?©/Ò*yݗ$cèåýèb¾©ïÖ+ÚÈÄyŽ«óíjq³«O®«Íå|92¡õŎ ¡Ã”Vú䪞_^íäw§FŸ&„öòÉ?‡óå¬~¬¤Ãá”Ö›ž~u‹<~鈽fÞxoƒºÚÖÃÕÍÎ¥«¦ÄXÒF~M ›Ýñœ˜i1µS\ƒ$Û¬>>_Ñ6rq F×Õ%z§ÅAÉÅÔ;3ÞãM5ƒÖt‰¿Ô싢‹«z»#”6Kê¤ÚØ*AxøÉ,‰I~à—,XP¦Ÿ´×žˆ¸86+’¾õ‹„)ðä|µ™Õ›!º¸Ù‡í΀vç ŽÆq<#Î:$JŸ­Þ½ æƒ˜º£e/Â<>hØPí¾Qƒ Ð2@’6+Ӑ@ÔKzH-TÓ§!é,ºr=t6Ù3¬úèßí!»îTìÉYÊs¡ó0 b5"Z.z&þÅGÇÿwۏ‰ùÑñÿ⫟ˆÿ¯ÎÈöYTÁŸÁYõÑöñ[î…Ù7 &çñ]TÃÚRÛ£zµ;xÞæ~ýɼ¾˜¿·ó2¨¯ÏëÙ¬ž Wk2àó:8|žÞÞ­..TӃÏÚ¸ßö³5í’ÍÀÍ³µ¾}{ù‰S³é‰^ž“6;›ìYhsS_ÞÐ&ÏE­?:}ºý} m7ÿ¬4ê6þ1¨Ômÿÿv„Ú³Ð)ÙóÙ°|.*õšûè4Úôö(ÔoüYé³iúcPgÓú#´‰À²G•[²ì†Ûz3¿8AaW¿'zœÿ³V³Ülµë»ç»þ·÷ç«Ù흸†Ã{„ªëÍá²z{g¨ö|±šþx_u½ÏŽgøþüp»Û¬–—w-­úþ*’Gè÷XÕ×Ú}<Êòú:ï·´kN‘‚Pš__މEJÑÈisí^oVDïw«·õæ‚LÍã«9æòþjsgÆw¾z6æËËc|Â#š˜Õ?÷½Ûó...

4. Intel Jobs | Levels.fyi

  • Are you ready to level up your career? Check out these open roles at Intel. View All Intel Jobs.

  • Explore and search open jobs from Intel.

Intel Jobs | Levels.fyi

5. Intel Software Engineer Intern Salaries | $51.92 / hr - Levels.fyi

  • Software engineer interns at Intel make $51.92 per hour. Apply to open internships and view details such as housing, relocation, transportation, and more.

  • ‹ ì½{Éµ'öUR%­. uUgFD¾šÓÔåÔ̈£[œ¡†TD]í »*»;gêu+«Èii0†mÀ‹]`¯aŒlø?ÃÿÖ_ç~ïGðùù¨jÙæ$¬¯î°údÆãDĉóŽÈ~òÑçãç¿úqpµ]Ì~€ƒy±¼<”ËÁe1{øÁ¢ÜÁôªØÔåöt°Û^³}zµÝ®‡å?íª—§ƒß ûh8^-ÖŶ:Ÿ—ƒ`ºZnË%UùôãÓrvYºJËbQž^Vå«õj³m•{UͶW§³òe5-‡UËj[óa=-æåit´(¾­»…ƒ»M»íÕjÓjðEqU–›£»«âšþè–ÞVÛ.–ô;ž­.¶¯ŠM|¼¼¬–T)ÀóÍ2xV̋MUÖÁwÁÏâh”«à8¸Ú4)_–óztq]u۟•õtS­·ÕjÙêÅ·_ºö+n¿Šm (,ŠoJ×ǚ \­v›Qðh½ž_ÛU°Z—KWéªZSÅå,Àl3꼚×A½›^EŠuµ¼< 6å|5-€ÉQ°ÝËoaÔ^¬6å¨7—Ô]9\¬Î+úyUžéÁpZ¬‹îÒ^—õÔëOõMSv°rM˜îêáy±¡?¯;í¼ºª¶=²zŒ×šËÍöút°º<©©©¯ÐÆkñìT¹; êtó·JHAT‹â²=WàõÉñq5ª—„Ötµ8^]c¾˜þj´^^žïëugõËóºµþMÑí«jK£:™›Y«|½[,ŠÍõW´ —åW‚ЍußÇÚº¾þö؍äíWYF`ieÿWÒýñ|ö‹¯kš‡ü=·÷ívp R{õôª\£ËÕêr^ëªæ–Gƒ¿g9|>îÖÜУËËMyÉ~xýñb=_]“$8Ôý]>«þDÅMtD|ÜÇßҀªr9-ŸTËÁIx4`Žp2¸iá©¡öê>*ëêr)S=ÃÚ¯hÞkW›fl¶›nëàbµ H¨BZ.¯©‘ÒwüÄé¦\ÐüÕÔၬ.‚0`ñgSœê.Šjùñ’öú󋧘ÿ“?ûyø²<çGGƒyQo¿(±úåŒ^¨P™a˜Uú\…'Qvë‘2ɋÁ÷„L½¥…Ü–3¦êëÁÉöÖ naµ¹lÏü“Õ’hcsýh±Ú-·UõvSïxvülž5Pšî6u0øí³0•»Maçñéóè1ÆVΪ‚`¦ñïÿx4Xù…XB};ôÆ4M "ϊ%Ññ˜FYãGôpUmh+|¾¹,–ÕŸloÑA§¢ïˆ÷ëàûï?8béÈ,!ãAð²˜ï\®xçÍæmójù ¶å頚‚?\mʋÓÁqQ“6V_/ñØn&fZ<«úàXZju΢·&ujëPpÓ@*Ùt¶¯V[Zëb »Ñ?86£pOëºy6ZTTª®ÌŸ.7¸H}Uè̵ŒéçÛúMT¬¾üÝ£_„qöÅïž~ûô2¹¸6Ÿ~ùòùgWáÇ*Ñ¿[|2ýõüÙ£WÕ¯.?yôåñìQõ,ùõïÄ6«º^m*81•åjyMÄX^?F6ÞjV̵7/>œ•Ån¾n‰"Ê7¨ìæn·\sɳµžÓòj5Ÿ•›á|܏g´y¸›/ý¾YGX”Mñê²ÚroWÅ«o†Õúøëڕ›ëѶ86¯fåç»íèëúø¥™C¯^ם0pìc^ÖÖ$=ïêvå.j´±ê>+§Ò¿¼(Õüúô³Ù «†G†þK返þËè¿<¿;#Ÿ¿ø‚¸ û>^^ÀԛiÓå74 è¶xUÖ+,õ8ÓɹÖéEtASðò¸™Q[·+¦ÃC›tÎoˆÿ_zj·ëÛÌdk!¿¦)š¯v³Úǂ{ñuñíñ¼:om°ázïq4ŠÔ(ê?îOk±¨¹ÅÊnÍýÉì—^/I/·?oZé%‰®‹ªœ½iùFƒùäƛÖrÂÅÿyA¿œ—ÓíjóÄoó›i¦š¦«Õ7U £¡½0_/)4èR-ÏÐWJž“œÞ~5+¶Åq¤‹xæÆä*ʦæ<Šf©)rmi „×"0ûû“‹Ýr ir¯<ÚGË£Ëû...

6. Intel Software Engineer Jobs | Levels.fyi

  • Browse job openings for Intel Software Engineer Jobs. Filter by title, location, level, remote policy and more.

Intel Software Engineer Jobs | Levels.fyi

7. Apple Salaries | Levels.fyi

  • Apple Software Engineer · Apple Hardware Engineer... · Software Engineering...

  • Apple's salary ranges from $50,172 in total compensation per year for a Customer Service at the low-end to $1,536,667 for a Software Engineer at the high-end.

Apple Salaries | Levels.fyi

8. Intel vs. Nvidia: Which Pays Software Engineers More? - Dice

  • 4 okt 2019 · ... levels.fyi places at roughly the same level: What's the takeaway here? Nvidia pays generous salaries and stock options, but Intel is big on ...

  • For years, PCs loaded with Intel processors dominated our computing lives. But nothing in tech remains the same; the rise of mobile and the cloud allowed other chip manufacturers, including Nvidia and AMD, to enter the market with their own, often highly specialized products.

Intel vs. Nvidia: Which Pays Software Engineers More? - Dice

9. I left Intel years ago to get almost 3x the salary as a software developer ...

  • Which may seem like a lot, until people actually see what the market rates are in west coast tech hubs. https://www.levels.fyi/. Also, Mark Zuckerberg is ...

  • lmilcin on Jan 21, 2021 | parent | context | favorite | on: New Intel CEO rehiring retired CPU architects

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