How to Use Gimkit – Step By Step Guide (2024)

Looking for a way to make distance learning much more enjoyable and entertaining? Then Gimkit may just be the tool for your classroom. This interactive quiz-style game was created as a high school project, as a way to build the tools that students would actually want to use, as an ideal way to promote engagement.

So, how does Gimkit work, and how do you get started? In this step-by-step guide, we take a look at what this inexpensive tool is, who it’s meant for, and take you through a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

What is Gimkit?

Gimlet is a quiz learning game specifically designed for teachers and students and is also created and maintained by students. Gimkit is based around creating “kits” or live learning games, where students and teachers can create quizzes. While Gimkit seems a little complicated, it is really super straightforward.

You have the option of creating a quiz from scratch, importing an existing quiz from Quizlet or a CSV file, or copying quizzes from the Gimkit gallery. From these templates, you can then modify them for your own use.

Motivating Features of Gimkit

Every game needs a reward system, and the Gimkit app is no different. Students earn virtual money by getting answers correct, which they can then use to purchase various power-ups. Power-ups include earning more points per question answered correctly, gaining additional points when on a “streak,” and purchasing insurance for the chance that a question is answered incorrectly.

At the end of each game, teachers will receive a data report detailing the average overall class responses and individual student responses. This is an incredibly helpful tool for using Gimkit to assess students’ knowledge and provide teachers with valuable knowledge of what students have a handle on and what may need to be re-taught.

How to Use Gimkit – Step By Step Guide

Ready to start using Gimkit? Let’s take a look at how to use this digital interactive-quiz style game.

Sign Up With Gimkit

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However, your $4.99 per month goes a long way with access to both Gimkit Live and Gimkit Ink. Gimkit Live allows students to participate in live games, new engaging, and exciting game modes that are updated regularly and can participate in live auto-graded assignments.

Gimkit Ink is a creation and publishing tool that is focused on providing students with a platform to share their work amongst their peers, as well as share ideas and concepts.

It’s also important to note that students do not need to create their own accounts but can instead join their teacher’s class.

Find Your School

Part of signing up with Gimkit is finding your school. As an educator, you will be prompted to select your country and input your area code before selecting your school from a populated list. You must then enter your Area of Expertise, as well as your Grade Level. You are then given the option to choose Gimkit Live or Gimkit Ink. For the sake of this tutorial, we have chosen Gimkit Live.

Create a New Kit

Time to create your first Kit! This is where you create your first live learning game for your class. Select “New Kit” on your dashboard to get started.

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To create your first online quiz, you must first enter a name, language, and subject matter for your Kit. From here, you can choose a cover photo before moving onto the next step.

Add Questions

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After establishing your basic Kit information, you will then move onto the fun part – adding your questions! You will be given the option of adding a question, creating your Kit with Flashcards, continuing with KitCollab, adding from Gimkit’s Question Bank, or importing from Spreadsheet.

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If you choose to add a question, you must input your question and possible answers into the above forms. You also have the option of adding a photo and/or adding audio to accompany your question, which is strongly recommended. Gimkit prompts you to enter in the correct answer, as well as three incorrect answers from your students to choose from.

Finish Kit

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Once you are satisfied with the number of questions and the arrangement, you can then opt to “Finish Kit.” You then have the option to play live or assign your Kit as homework.

Choose a Game Mode

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Ready to play your Kit live? This is where it seems like things might get a little complicated and confusing, but stay with us. You now have several options to choose from a selection of game modes that your Kit can be played in.

Your Kit can be incorporated into several different modes, which begin with the most classic modes, including Draw That!, Team Mode, and Classic. You then have the option of taking your quiz one step further and turning it into a more advanced game. Game options include Trust No One, The Floor is Lava, Humans vs. Zombies, and Infinity Mode.

Configure Your Game Options

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After you select your game mode, you are then responsible for configuring your game options. You have several options here for customizing your game options, including the Game Goal, how much Starting Cash each player has, and whether or not you will allow the player to view the correct answer after answering incorrectly.

Enter Code and Play!

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You’re now ready to play your Kit! Your students can access the game code to play your Kit through their own linked accounts, or you can send them the code individually. They must then head over to to play your live game.

Is Gimkit the Right Tool For You?

Although Gimkit is not the most straightforward tool in the world, it is most certainly appealing to students and a great way to boost engagement. Consider playing your Kit in the Trust No One game mode, which is based on the popular Among Us to really get their attention!

How to Use Gimkit – Step By Step Guide (2024)
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