Fing FAQ | Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (2024)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fing?

Fing is a free network scanner platform designed for your internet security. It scans whatever Wi-Fi you are connected to and shows all the devices connected with plenty of details. It can also run internet speed tests, check for network vulnerabilities, rate your security level, and much more.

What is Fing Desktop?

Fing Desktop is the PC version of Fing platform, available for both Windows and macOS. It is the best option to monitor your home network and take your internet security to the next level since it gives full-time monitoring and more accurate results.

You can download it directlyfrom our website.

What is Fing App?

Fing Appis the Mobile version of Fing platform, available for both Android and iOS devices. It gives you access to all Fing features wherever you are: you can scan your home network if you don’t have a PC around, or any other Wi-Fi when you are on the move (and there are many good reasonsto scan a network when traveling).

You can download the version you prefer from thePlay Storeor theApp Store.

What can I do with Fing?

Fing provides several features to monitor your network or check if something is wrong with the Wi-Fi you are connected to.

First of all, Fing can deeply scan your network and identify all the devices connected to it, giving youfull details about the IP address, MAC address, type, and brand of every device – don’t worry, we are constantly updating our database to cover all the new tech releases so that you can rely on the results. You can then set up several users and link one or more devices to each of them, so you can know who’s at home and when.

Does the network scanning reveal an unknown device connected to your Wi-Fi? You can thenpermanently block or temporarily pause it from accessing your network, without need to install anything on the target device. This feature is also useful for parental control, in case you are looking for an app to limit the screen time of your children.

You can also troubleshoot your network’s issues by running vulnerability tests and looking for open ports. Fing can also monitoryour internet service provider’s performance. You can run speed tests (or set them to run automatically during the day), rate your ISP, and see how your internet connection ranks in your city or country. In one sentence, Fing helps you understand if you are receiving the internet speed you are paying for. Not bad, indeed?

How can Fing help me enhance my home network security?

Have you ever wondered if someone is stealing your WiFi? With Fing, you can answer this question. Run our network scanner and get complete information about all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi. If you find some unknown ones, they will probably belong to someone else, and you should consider changing your router’s password or blocking them with our Block & Pause feature. You can also set up intruders alerts to get notified if unknown devices join the network or run vulnerability tests to check for open ports.

What kind of information can Fing provide me about the devices connected to my network?

For every scanned device, Fing can provide you with IP address, MAC address, the date the device was first seen on the network, brand and model information, operating system, and brand support shortcuts. You can also access more technical data such as bonjour name and DHCP.

What kind of information can Fing provide me about my Internet Service Provider?

Fing can give you information about your internet speed, a timeline of the average performance in the last weeks, and details such as public address and hostname. But you can also see how your Internet Service Provider ranks compared to others providers in your city or country and receive information about internet outages in your area.

Do I need an account to use Fing?

An account is mandatory for Fing Desktop only. Even if it is not necessary for Fing App, we highly recommend you set up an account to manage all your devices at best. An account allows you to pair your desktop and your mobile with synchronized information on all your devices.

What kind of devices is Fing available for?

Fing is available for PCs (Windows and macOS) and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Can I use Fing on multiple devices?

Sure, you can! We encourage you to set up an account to synchronize and update your information.

Is Fing only available in English?

Nope, Fing has gone international! Fing Desktop is available in English, Spanish, and Italian. Fing App is available in 16 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese (traditional and simplified). We speak your language!

My device was not recognized 100% accurately; what can I do?

We do our best to provide you with detailed information about the devices we discover on your network, but sometimes we could miss some details. Anyway, you can edit every device’s details to help us improve our database and offer even better device recognition.

How much does Fing cost?

Fing is free to downloadfor Desktop and Mobile and is entirely ad-free. We offertwo subscription plns– called Fing Starter and Fing Premium – both available on a monthly or yearly basis.

What is Fing Starter, and what do I get with it?

Fing Starter is our intermediate plan, which gives you advanced tools to monitor your network, such as:

  • Network monitoring every 30 minutes
  • Hidden camera detection in every network you are connected to
  • Router vulnerability checks and open port detection
  • Network security and device detection alerts on your phone
  • Monthly network status reports
  • 7-day timeline of events

Fing Starter is available with a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription costs $ 2.99, while the annual subscription costs $ 24.99 (which equals a $ 2.09 monthly cost).

What is Fing Premium, and what do I get with it?

Fing Premium is our ultimate plan, which gives you full control over your home network devices. It includes everything from Fing Starter, plus:

  • Network monitoring every 5 minutes
  • Block devices intruding into your home network
  • Pause internet access to members of your household
  • Schedule internet downtimes
  • Receive network security and device alerts to your phone and email
  • Access full timeline of events

Check outourultimate guide to Fing Premiumfor a detailed list of its feature.

Fing Premium is available with a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly subscription costs $ 6.99, while the annual subscription costs $ 59 (which equals a $ 4.99 monthly cost).

Do you offer a free trial for Fing Premium?

Free trial is only available if you are purchasing Fing Premium via mobile. You can take advantage of a 7-day trial period to test all Fing Premium features.

How can I keep in touch with Fing?

You can follow us onTwitter, like us onFacebook, or get in touch with us onLinkedIn. We also have a monthly newsletteryou can sign on to in our mobile app. And don’t forget to read the latest articles on our blog!

Can I use Fing for my business too?

Yes, it can be used in non-home environments such as small and medium offices. Anyway, if you are looking for an enterprise IT assets platform that relies also on Fing technology, we invite you to check outLansweeper’s solutions.

Fing FAQ | Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (2024)


Does Fing show browsing history? ›

Besides, with a right app, you can check the browsing history of your router more easily. The best app for checking your Wi-Fi router's browsing history is Fing. It is a free network scanner that quickly detects any connected devices to your Wi-Fi network.

Is Fing reliable? ›

Fing is super-fast and the most reliable Network IP Scanner App around. Since 2009, Fing has delivered advanced IP network scanning features to both mobile devices (iOS and Android) and PCs (Windows and macOS).

Does Fing use NpCap? ›

Fing agent needs the Windows libraries which are installed with the NpCap package during Fing Desktop installation. This makes packet capture and filtering useful for our engine to protocol analyzers and network monitors. Fing agent service cannot work properly without the correct installation of WinPcap.

How does Fing find devices? ›

First of all, Fing can deeply scan your network and identify all the devices connected to it, giving you full details about the IP address, MAC address, type, and brand of every device – don't worry, we are constantly updating our database to cover all the new tech releases so that you can rely on the results.

Can my wife see my browser history? ›

If you've wondered “Can anyone see my search history?”, the answer is yes. The search engine itself, your web browser, your internet service provider (ISP), some advertisers, website owners, app owners, and, in some cases, authorities can see what you search for on Google.

Can I see what someone is doing on my WiFi? ›

If you have configured your router to monitor browsing activity, you'll only be able to see IP addresses or domains. For example, if a person on your home network searches for "fruit" on Google, you'll only see that this person visited , not .

Does Fing find hidden cameras? ›

3) Use the 'Find hidden cameras' feature from Fing

With a Starter or Premium account, you can use the feature on both your smartphone and your desktop version of Fing. Simply go to the Tools tab and you'll find the Find Hidden Cameras feature under “Improve your network Security”.

Who owns Fing app? ›

In October 2020, Fing was acquired by Lansweeper, a global company that provides IT Asset Management Solution.

What is the purpose of NPCAP? ›

Npcap is an architecture for packet capture and network analysis for Windows operating systems, consisting of a software library and a network driver.

How do I find a hidden Wi-Fi device? ›

Windows 10:
  1. In the lower-right corner of your screen, click the WiFi icon.
  2. Click Network Settings > Wi-Fi > Hidden Network > Connect.
  3. Enter the SSID (network name).
  4. Click Next.
  5. Enter the network security key (password).
  6. Click Next. Your computer connects to the network.
Mar 3, 2023

Can people see what devices are connected to the Wi-Fi? ›

See Who Is Connected to Your Wi-Fi Network

On a PC or Mac, open Command Prompt or Terminal, type arp -a, and press Enter or Return to see IP addresses of connected devices. Try a third-party app like Wireless Network Watcher on Windows or Fing on mobile.

Can I see what websites have been visited on my WiFi? ›

Check router logs by logging into your router via the web browser and looking for a Logs or History setting. Router history only shows IP addresses of websites viewed, but it's a starting point. Some routers only display the device's history and how reliable it's been rather than anything specific about visited sites.

Can a WiFi detect browsing history? ›

Can Someone See My Internet History On Their WIFI? Yes. An incognito browser only hides searches from the local device it is installed on. The WiFi owner has access to the admin panel from the WiFi router, meaning they can see the browsing information performed on their WiFi network.

Can an Xfinity account holder see internet history? ›

Comcast takes customer privacy seriously. It is important to understand that we do not track your online activity. Active Time Details in xFi is an optional feature and is not enabled by default. This means that network traffic will not be tracked and made viewable to you until you enable this feature in xFi.

Can parents see browser history through WiFi? ›

Can parents see internet history on Wi-Fi? Yes, parents can see internet history on Wi-Fi, assuming they have access to the router's administration interface or are using parental control software.

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