Ecommdirect - Inmate Commissary Purchases And Faq (2024)

1. eCommDirect - Inmate Commissary Purchases and FAQ

  • 1 jul 2022 · The online purchase program is available for all eligible inmates. Commissary staff does NOT determine or control eligibility. An inmate may ...

  • Home page for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

2. Official TDCJ Commissary & Trust Fund Deposit |

  • eCommDirect allows approved family and friends to make a deposit into the account of an inmate incarcerated in a TDCJ facility and purchase commissary products.

  • Purchase items and make trust deposits for a Texas offender.

3. TDCJ eCommDirect - Texas Prison Support

4. Ecommdirect: Complete with ease | airSlate SignNow

  • Ecomm Direct. Check out how easy it is to complete and eSign documents online using fillable templates and a powerful editor. Get everything done in ...

  • Ecomm Direct. Check out how easy it is to complete and eSign documents online using fillable templates and a powerful editor. Get everything done in minutes.

Ecommdirect: Complete with ease | airSlate SignNow

5. TDCJ - Securus Technologies

  • Purchase stamps, transfer stamps, and prepay for your inmate to reply. We think you're going to enjoy the new Securus eMessaging service that comes with your ...

  • Learn about the Securus Technologies® services available for your incarcerated loved one housed at a Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facility.

TDCJ - Securus Technologies

6. Commissary | Fort Bend County

  • The inmate trust fund account can be used for commissary purchases, telephone calls, or eMessaging. Cash, debit, and/or credit cards may be used at the JPay ...

7. Western Union or ACE to send inmate in TX funds? Don't get how that ...

  • Just go to the trust fund deposit option. She can use any deposits made through this option to purchase commissary treats at the prison. But if sending her 20 ...

  • Hi, My penpal is in Mountain View TX and has asked that I send her funds for treats from the Commissary. Her allowance through TDCJ is $50 and that's all been used up for this quarter. I'm happy to send her twenty bucks or so and she said best way is through Western Union or ACE. (She's been barred from using JPay, which would obviously be the best way) I don't understand how this works - how can a prisoner go to a Western Union store and retrieve the money? Also, I'm in England, and never heard of ACE. I'm pretty poor to be honest, and twenty bucks means a lot to me - I can't afford to just send it off through W.U. for it to be lost in misunderstandings. I'd really appreciate advice from anyone who's used this route to send money to an inmate in Texas. Thanks. Mike

Western Union or ACE to send inmate in TX funds? Don't get how that ...

8. Question about Texas E-comm | - Write A Prisoner

  • 8 mrt 2017 · If any part of the unit is on lockdown, then no inmates can receive any eComm items except deposits. You could always purchase a book through ...

  • So today I wanted to send money to a penpal for postage and birthday in a Texas facility through Texas e-comm and there was a disclaimer at the top saying "Offender may receive deposits only at this time". I'm assuming this means that my penpal either received her allotted amount of purchases/deposits for the time period or that the facility is in lockdown. Anyone have experience with this? It is her birthday so it is entirely feasible that she got deposits or items sent to her from relatives or friends. Does this mean she will get what I send too, just maybe later? Thanks in advance for your insight!

Question about Texas E-comm | - Write A Prisoner

9. Ecommdirect commissary for inmate using deposit, line

  • 1 dag geleden · ... purchases commissary trust department utilizes on line deposit ... guide families inmates spanish search hints inmates currently incarcerated ...

10. 2024 Ecommdirect commissary for inmate accepted an -

  • 23 uur geleden · denial hotline saturdays sundays ecommdirect allows approved family friends deposit account inmate incarcerated facility purchase commissary ...

11. 2024 Tdcj Commissary Vendors clothing receive -

  • 7 uur geleden · utilized online program ecommdirect where friends calls inmate first register facility commissary ... ecommdirect direct purchase program texas ...

Ecommdirect - Inmate Commissary Purchases And Faq (2024)


How do I order ecom for TDCJ inmates? ›

Answer: You may contact the TDCJ eCommDirect department at 936-438-8990 or e-mail

Can an inmate attend a funeral in Texas? ›

As with other forms of clemency, the Governor may grant a reprieve upon written recommendation of a majority of the Board Members. A request for a reprieve for family emergency to attend funerals or to visit critically ill relatives may be made by applying to the Board's Clemency Section.

What does G4 mean in TDCJ? ›

G4 offenders are classified as medium custody because of behavioral problems, and as a result, live with certain restrictions. A G4 offender wrote "If you can't act right in society, you go to prison. If you can't act right in prison, you go to medium custody."

What does G3 mean in TDCJ? ›

The G3 custody level offender. (Housing) – may live in dorms or cells inside the main building of the unit. G3 offenders are ineligible to live in dorms outside the main building of a unit, inside the security fence.

How do I get a TDCJ hardship transfer? ›

Requests for a medical hardship must pertain to a family member and requires documentation from the medical provider of the family member's inability to travel long distances. Such documentation should be on the physician's letterhead and signed by the physician.

Do inmates know who sent them money? ›

Will the incarcerated individual know who sent him/her the funds? In most states, the incarcerated individual is notified as to who sent the money.

Why do inmates use Cash App? ›

Family and friends will exchange Cash App accounts and transfer money back and forth as a means to do something on the inside of the prison (give point and stick tattoos to each other, go to the salon within the prison, exchange contraband within the prison, etc.).

How do I send a care package to an inmate in Texas? ›


Care packages (Securepak®) can be purchased by family and friends for incarcerated individuals. Care packages can be ordered through or 1-800-546-6283. The average processing and delivery time frame for Securepaks® is five days.

Can you hug an inmate during visitation in Texas? ›

Contact Visits Visits that are conducted inside the unit in a designated visiting area or outside the main building, within the fenced perimeter. Physical contact between inmates and visitors is allowed. Embracing and kissing is permitted once at the beginning and once at the end of each visit.

Can Texas inmates have conjugal visits? ›

TDCJ has not permitted conjugal visits in its history. Texas only allows contact visits, which are face-to-face meetings between inmates and their loved ones without physical barriers, but with strict rules and limitations for special visits, including restrictions on physical contact.

Can death row inmates have conjugal visits? ›

Even in states that allow conjugal visits for other prisoners, death row prisoners are not entitled to conjugal visits, and no state officially permits conjugal visits for death row prisoners.

What is SEG in jail? ›

DEFINITIONS. Administrative Segregation (A-Seg). Housing an inmate away from general population due to need or risk.

What is a fi 6 in TDCJ? ›

FI-6: Transfer to a DWI Program and release to a continuum of care program. FI-6R (Month/Year): Transfer to a TDCJ rehabilitation program. Release to parole only after program completion and no earlier than six months from specified date.

How much gate money do prisoners get when released? ›

Some Californians Released From Prison Will Receive $2,400 Under New State Re-Entry Program. Dec. 7, 2023, at 6:09 p.m.

How do I send a money order to TDCJ? ›

MONEY ORDERS or CASHIER'S CHECKS made payable to “Inmate Trust Fund for Offender Name and Number” 1. You may obtain deposit slips from offender or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Inmate Trust Fund, PO Box 60, Huntsville, TX 77342-0060 2.

What is an I60 form in TDCJ? ›

To request a telephone call, inmates shall submit an I-60, “Inmate Request to an Official” form for approval by the warden.

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